Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I've all but ... (Almost an A-Z Challenge)

It's a been a little over a year since I started this Blog chapter of my life. And not unlike most of the virtual friends I have met in this journey, there would be highly driven stages of writing where the inspiration oozes out of my soul; and there would be phases when I've all but given up writing altogether. You see here, whilst writing can be highly therapeutic, reading back your feelings in words sometimes feel like a surreal experience.

But why call an entire Blog "ALMOST BUT NOT QUITE"?

Well, the rest of my Blog Friends have taken up the courage to go for the A-Z Blog Challenge, meanwhile, back at the ranch, I will begin and end with A.

I used to fancy road trips with my parents; and typical of kids in long distance rides, I annoyed them with the only question I demanded an immediate response to: "Are we there yet?" 
Sometimes, my Dad would patiently reply, "We're almost there but not there yet." I would go back to either sulking as I never really understood what that meant, or be more annoying and nag again, "How far is almost there?"

What kind of an English word is ALMOSTanyway? 

References define "almost" as synonymous to nearly, practically, but not exactly, et. al.
Technically, it is a word in the grey area. It is neither hot or cold, but almost warm. It is neither black or white, but almost black or nearly white.

However, to my young mind, including my adult mind (that means now, I hope), I believe that almost carries a mystical meaning. It is a word that can never be wrongly used nor can it ever be politically incorrect. It is a safe word. Devoid of triggers and potential repulsive reactions contrary to other words that can be used in its stead. However arbitrary and vague, it is most descriptive in a peculiar sense. It carries a calming effect versus a straightforward, NO, NOT, YES, or TOTALLY.

I particularly chose this Blog Title as it generally signifies life experiences, my own and the sum total of the people I have met. It represents a continuous search for meaning and closure. Even at the point or peak of someone's achievement, they tend to always feel, there is more than where they are, or how far they've gone. Certainly, almost, but not there yet.

Whoa, had no intentions of making this post sound so darn philosophical! 

I just really wanted to quietly celebrate my Blog's more than a year of existence; with a humble following, (whilst I quietly sip on my 1984 Chateau Margaux Giscours Cabernet Sauvignon and nibble on some walnuts, cheese and cherries) and since the molecular fibre of my being has not decided to join the rest of the universe where it originated from, I will always feel that life is a road trip, where every pit stop tells you that you're almost there, but not quite.