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Purple Passion


The color of dichotomy.  Warm and Cool.
The stimulation of red and the calmness of blue.
The focused, dynamic and active energy of Red melded with the cooling, expansive and calming effect of Blue.

It is believed to be the color of judgment and the color of peace.  
The synthesis of warm and cool completes a practical, albeit undirected energy, hence purple has been said to be the color of imagination and inspiration.

Whilst the color's duality can cause uneasiness if the undertone is undefined,
still it retains its features; encourages creativity, uplifts spirituality and denotes peace and tranquility.

Purple is mystical, royal, eccentric; "the ideal" color.

The color of the Crown Chakra is purple.  Chakra is the Sahasrara, the point of pure thought.  

Purple,  is the color of your infinite consciousness.

Just White On

Just White On is my painting about perspectives.  Either you see the white shapes or the colored ones is only for your eyes to see and heart to appreciate.
In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
~Albert Camus

Oh Joy
I named this Painting "Oh Joy" because of the vibrant mix of sunny colours.  It was as I was feeling that time, inspired by a famous quote by Kahlil Gibran:
"There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward."

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My Watercolour Artwork

I have very few left of my watercolour work as I give it out for gift-ing and sold a couple through my one and only art exhibit.  However, I have kept this last three in my work cum study room.  They mean so much to me when I made them.
But I would like to share this with you and maybe the colors and the story behind the painting will tell you what I want to say in the unspoken universal language.

The Rapids
Hidden Cave
The Fork Road
I still love watercolour the best as my medium of choice.  I will probably do more as the Saturday Night Cafe' patrons (of the CS) have inspired me and tickled my creative juices.


  1. Noice Petite I can see you in them
    different for water colors a hard medium to work in
    I want one...please
    Willing to pay [postage] lol
    I like the acrylics but love the water colors
    next comes oils you were made to use oils
    Wheres the oils

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful paintings. I loved them all, but especially 'The Rapids.' Do keep it up.

  3. Wow! These are so awesome! Psycho, I'm mesmerized by your work. I'm in awe of your knowledge and creativity. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I like Hidden Cave. I see faces and 2 crawlers...

  5. Aww ... thanks guys. You make my heart sing.

    If I do anything for friends, I do it with love so it's priceless. ♥

  6. The rapids and hidden cave are my favorites. I'm not sure which I like more. Rapids brings back memories of my younger days when I spent a lot of time in a canoe on the local river. Hidden Cave just seems to open up the ole imagination to possibilities. You've got a real gift. Hope you'll post more if you have them. Cheers~

  7. hooray for these paintings!
    isn't watercolor the best... it does what IT wants, and to control it would be futile!
    love them...

  8. Whoa, these are all really, really great. I especially love the first waatercolour painting. You got serious game, girl.

    Do you still paint much?


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