Friday, July 15, 2011

Survey Said* - Believe It or Not

So I was browsing a couple of old files and cleaning up my Folders. And I found this file on a fairly recent survey done in Europe. The Ideal Woman Survey  
Fine so they surveyed the guys in Europe. And the link leads you to a French site.
But listen, let me go to that.
It actually made me smile to think how much a lot of women go through so much pain, to gain the much coveted title of the "Ideal" if not, the "Perfect" Woman. If you want a quasi-quantitative evidence to support this claim, try Google Query and search all the related articles on Beauty, Fashion, Hair, Make-up, Diet, Skin Care, yada yada, yada.  Why does it sell?  The business of promising beauty is bullish and growing. It's become sickening to see the proliferation of young female teenagers to get so sucked up into this trend.  Having seen up close the teenagers growing in L.A., its fashionable to be diagnosed as clinically anorexic.
Now, the Poll was conducted by Harris Interactive, analysed by Gerard Mermet; they reported the findings in response to the question: "Describe "la femme idéale".  And these are the incredible results!

First:  57% want the woman to have a Sense of Humour.  She must love to laugh! Of course, what can life be if you crack a joke and it swooshes pass her head.  Not even a drop-dead gorgeous smile can cure that one after the first date.
Second: 41% want her to be cultured, well-bred; proper. After all, these are European men they asked. I bet it really matters to them. 
Third: 35% want the woman to be tender and loving. I reckon they mean tenderness, and not necessarily to mean a "bimbo in distress". I would dare say they love their women to be thoughtful and caring.
Fourth: 25% want their women to be elegantShe has to have her distinct style, nothing too forward, simple but classy. Need I remind you, the Poll was conducted in Europe, okay?
Fifth: brace yourself, 29% (yes, higher than 25%) to be confident, open and sexually liberatedSexual freedom is deemed paramount as part of the ideal female contour.

And, Only 8% said they want the ideal woman to be thin! Now who wants to scrape the bottom of the barrel?  Thin?  hahaha ... lot less to love.

I suspect the percentages may vary from region to region, continents to continents. 
A related study, this time participated by men from various Regions but are in Europe during the poll, showed a high 58% to the attribute of Intellectual Independence as a key value in the seductive power of women. A very strong second value at 46% to tenderness and 29% to sexual freedom, confidence and openness.

All these attributes are seen by men across the globe to be of value and importance to their concept of the "Ideal Woman" than the sacrosanct issue of thinness or the perfect face and figure.

Let me just put this survey in context.  Men were asked about the ideal woman. Being totally hot and sexy is not in the realm of "ideal", but it does not say, that men will not find these traits to be attractive nor does it say, they will not gawk and drool when they see a nice pair of buns or breasts. Trust me, they will. However, that's not for the "perfect" woman they want to share the rest of their life with  If you have it, that's gravy.. 
Having said that my dear friends (and stalkers), all these superficial trappings, 'Girdles' and 'Concealers' will not make any of us "ideal" to anyone for that matter. Work on the smarts and the confidence.  And if by chance you end up somewhere in Europe, throw 
your head back when you laugh, eat, drink and live a little!


  1. well ... it's a good thing i'm a lesbian ... i don't have to live up to any of this stuff :)

    although, i must admit, i'd love to be 'that' high femme girl all the time ... right now ... i'm putting on my levi's and my sneakers.

    oh well :)

  2. there is the sexual attration thing an there is falling in love ( not lust). It doesnt matter what somebody looks like if you just fall in love with THEM, the person under the skin. i think also sometimes you just fall in love with somebody and all you know is that you love them and what they look like isnt really that important but they look perfect to you!

  3. I always thought it was the media pushing those silly impossible standards on women. After all, who wants fluff when they can have a true partner in life.

  4. How about someone who can make you smile, when you see her number on you phone ID, whom you really want to just be with, when the rest of the world seems a cursed place. That, for me is the ideal woman, and I've got her, you can't have her.

  5. I agree with you guys. At the end of the day, it's the smile on your face and the light in your eyes that matter when you see or are with the person you love. After all, what matters is priceless and beyond what the eyes can see. thank you for stopping by.
    And Drachma, yes, she is yours.
    I am happy to know I put a smile on my man's face all the time, too. =)

  6. how bout being yourself. I have had enough with disney movies promoting that like no fucking tomorrow. so why can't we show that in society? People listen to the supposition that we all have to sacrifice reality for a fantasy that doesn't exist. And I am not saying that in the extreme sense. I am saying that sure a girl should be comfortable and open with her sexuality but at the same time she should be fine just the way she is. She should love herself whether she has the fast metabolism or the slow one. It doesn't matter. Someone will find her attractive, boy or girl

  7. I hear you Miss Bobo. How do we now explain to the billions of fanatics who buy into Disney, Vogue, Cosmo and whatevs, that promises people the fulfilment of their fantasies? We can try, and I am trying through this Blog. But I don't have the following of the infamous media.

  8. i was talking to an old dear friend last week about this and he said not to worry about if i have lots of money, or am in a transitive period, because real men don't care about that stuff, just who you are and what you project.
    that being said-
    the only guys who want a picture perfect 10 bimbo, are freiken closet cases. i know this shit for a fact. i see it alot. fuck them. both.
    and the women who only want a perfect 10 mate- male or female, are superficial twats. lose lose. losers.
    either way, i win. take it or leave it, this booty is going no-where.

    character, anyone????

  9. Psycho Babbling Basher, I give you my support for this and hopefully as more followers trickle in the media will give you attention like it should.


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