Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good Ol' Spam

Just because I am temporarily off my Blog web site, (in Latin it translates to lazy as fuck to write), it does not mean I don't monitor my Blog activity ...

And whaddyaknow? I chance upon 42 Comments on this Blog, and another 38 comments on my other site, awaiting moderation. It's all SPAM!!!!!

Seriously? I thought they have all been completely annihilated since safety and security measures (were they?) installed by Blogspot or Google or whichever. Not that I have anything against Hormel products, but what gives? 

These Spammers now have gone a little bit sophisticated. They do painstakingly write a bit of nonsense (2 sentences, tops), hoping that somehow it hits something close to your Post, and then practically beg you visit their site... a link. It's not funny.

I promised myself I will suspend all "bitch activity" that I completely enjoy as a lifestyle preference, for 2013, but I am so close to going ballistic. 

It's bad enough I don't post as regularly as I should and it's not like I have run out of material to write or rant about. Frankly, my dear spammer,  I don't give a rotten rat's ass what you sell or advert or even what you have to say about nothing in particular. If you will notice, I moderate my comments, so it's primarily between you and me. Mano a Mano. And unless I approve any of your inane and mindless comments, they are all forever gone in the Internet-verse!

I do have to commend your creativity for trying or attempting at some level of smarts albeit still puerile. But meanwhile, back at the ranch, go fish or something.

And for my parting shot, here's nothing. 'Nuff said.