Thursday, November 10, 2011

Having a Bad Day/s?

I was told by my wise grandfather that there are no bad days or there is no such thing as bad weather. He said, it's all a matter of how you make of it. 

I had no idea what he meant then, since that conversation took place when I was around 6 years old and I had deficient selective attention. (Fine, the conversation could have happened yesterday and I'd have the same lousy excuse.)

As I was saying, all I took away from those words was a lame attempt of my granddad to make me smile because every time it rained, there was no way I could be swinging from the trees and running around in the small puddles. Not a lot of the kids in their neighbourhood were allowed to run and soak under the rain. Since there were no playmates, I sulked looking out the window, wishing the sun would come out and make it a better day.

In the present day.

Have you ever been jolted out from your sleep with the thought that you may have hit your alarm clock way too many times that you could have missed it? Then you realize, holy guacamole!, it's not a thought or a dream state, you did manage to wreck your clock by whacking it and you are an hour late! You jump out of bed way too fast you stub your toe on your bedside table. Who freakin' thought of putting a bedside table anyway? You limp across the room and run into the bath. Still blinded by sleep and a parked brain, you step on your cat and get a glorious good morning scratch on your shin. And it's the same foot with the throbbing toe! Just crap! 

Fortunately, you manage a bath and brushing your teeth without further injuries and you tread on, still in haste. You grab the hair dryer for a quick fix of your 'do then something snaps, crackles and pops! The dryer explodes right in your hands! What the? You used the 110 dryer out and plugged this into a 220 volt socket. Curses! So you grab a hair clasp and up your hair goes. You hope the people in the meeting would ignore the water dripping from your hair onto your coat's collar. You plan to smile broadly all the time as a decoy.

You ran downstairs, grab a cup of coffee and take a gulp. Double crap! It's scalding hot and you burned 8,000 of roughly 10,000 taste buds.  Worst of all, you spilled coffee on your white shirt and there's no time to rummage soda water in the ref as you need to hit the road. You grab your coat, and will have to move around with a closed jacket to cover the stain spots. Unfortunately, even with all the buttons of the coat closed, the stain peeks out and it's obviously a brown coffee stain. You plan to con the people who may ask to buy into the excuse that you're breastfeeding your baby with cappuccino. But wait, you don't even have a baby!

You remain bullish and undaunted by all these signs, you move on. You grab your shoes, wear it, a sudden pain remind you that your toe is now swollen. You grab another pair, an open-toe one. You give it one look - the right toe is way bigger than the other peeping toe ... but what the hell? 

You get to your car and just when you have almost hit the highway, you scream as you realize you left your laptop back home, where your entire meeting presentation is stored. And because you are stubborn and downright competitive, you didn't want anyone else to have an advance copy of your sheets, you decided not to send an email to have the files (at least) be in the Office server.  You start to tear up and worry about smearing your mascara then you remember, you hardly have any make up on. 

You grab your mobile phone to call the Office to tell them that you may be running late and find that there is only one bar left on your mobile phone battery. You call a colleague but the number can't be reached. You try the Office land line and pray someone picks up the phone; hopefully those jerks are not busy horsing around or having breakfast or tea in the pantry. Somebody answers!  Yes, your luck just turned better. You are screeching in the middle of a hysterical, panic attack and the person on the other line tells you to calm down; the meeting has been reset to a later date, since one of the key decision makers had to fly urgently out of town. In both excitement and annoyance, you accidentally slam on the brakes, the bigger idiot behind you whams into your car! Just as you stepped out of your car, it rains.

I was told by my wise grandfather that there are no bad days or there is no such thing as bad weather. He said, it's all a matter of how you make of it.

Surely not all of my days are as eventful as this one, of course, it's not a bad hair day either. It's just a series of things happening to me and could be happening to someone else, and I consider them to be just that... things going wrong. And if I have ever learned one thing in how I make it out of a day like this, things can really go from bad to worst, but I believe there are better days. 

I simply just let it go for the day! 


  1. haha, days can be just like that and are not funny when it is happening. Of course you are making me happy not to have work days yet, just school days and I am most always late for classes.

    Reading your blog is of the reasons why. /jk

  2. Reminds me of something from Paulo Coelho - something to the effect that the universe conspires to...
    Or something like that.

  3. Oh, I've had those days. But funny I find once I stop acting like a victim to my day they tend to improve, or just my mood does. OR I go into my room, eat my body weight and junk food and kill zombies. Take that you un-dead fuck, THAT is for my toe!

  4. Geez, talk about a terrible day! I have had some pretty nasty days, but I am thankful none of them compare to this one you drew out.
    When I was in high school, I was the strange optimist in my hangout group. My friends made fun of me for it, but at least there was an optimist around.
    This post reminded me of a particular day in high school...all of us girls were outside, and it started to pour down rain. And it was freezing cold. None of us were prepared to get wet. There we were, wet and cold, everyone is complaining and all I could say was, "At least it's not windy." Frowns turned into laughter, and everyone was happier, even if they were laughing at my expense lol.
    At any rate, your grandpa was wise in saying that and I agree with him. It is all in how we make it, and like you said, it can ALWAYS get worse. Thumbs up on the post!

  5. I see your grandfather's point and I have to say it's quite true. But I had a couple of days like yours lately and even if I tried my best to not look at them as bad days, it truly looked like bad ones.
    But this morning I decided to look at the bright side of the road and enjoy my day. Letting go is my motto!!

    take care........

  6. Aww PB! You are made of much sterner stuff than I, because I would have been a babbling mess by the end of it.

    Excellent post, I thoroughly enjoyed it. ;)(ooh get me, I sound posh)

  7. oh the bad days ... yes ... we must let it go. i'm learning to do this. you know i am, and i hope we'll both continue to 'deal' with those things.

    or make lemonade :)

  8. Aww Alex, I hope I don't make you miss your classes. Couple more years before you get to work and it can go from good to great, really!

    Tim, yeah, Coehlo did say something about the conspiracy of the universe. hahaha

    Jamie, true that. A lot of times, violent games save my sanity! ;)

    Amie, I love optimists; they see blue skies all the time!

    Yes Marie, my granddad was a wise man. I sometimes wished I listened more.Letting go is a measure of your faith, really.

    Lily dahlin', yes I am, except being a train wreck in a series of days can be dreadfully exhausting!

    Andrea, you probably don't know it; but your stories have taught me a lot and a lot of your followers. When it comes to holding the bull by the horns, you're tops on my list!

  9. That was a well told story. A really crappy day, can make an average day seem great by comparison. I'm a crazy optimist. (most of the time)

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed this post sweetie! Actually I loved it. Thank you!

  11. agree ako kay lolo mo dhai. totoo, hindi importante kahit bumabagyo. basta masaya ka.

  12. Your Grandfather is a knowledgeable man.
    This was such a lovely read and look forward to future posts.



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