Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mmmmm...Missing My Muse and Magic Mike

Good grief! I just realized when I checked into my Blog that I have suddenly been reduced to practically a once a month Blogger. I started pulling my hair and knocking my head on the keyboard blaming the absence of my writing muse.

Whut? Wait a minute, I am no literary genius nor am I a writer. I am a Blogger. Bloggers write Blogs not novels nor did I ever dream of grabbing a Pulitzer under my armpit. So who am I kidding?

Honestly, I have been lazy and swamped with a chronic list of ideas I wanted to Blog about then eventually forgot to post. In my dream state, I thought I did. Honest. Fine, sue me. 

Sometimes I would think of a thousand ideas and decide these are not good enough to Blog about. Or I may disappoint the people (the few and far between... har de har har) who may chance upon my Blog and have the patience to read through the first line. But then again that defeats the purpose of a Blog. The very essence of why it is and what it is.

Ta-dah! I found my muse. (Jamie darling, this is for you!)

I was watching Magic Mike. And I thought, "Man, this film is such a cerebral let-down! However, it is definitely a totally visceral experience satisfying my visual senses! In short, an eye-candy movie."

Some of the Magic Mike Cast, Channing Tatum center

For those of you who have not heard of Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer (who is such a beautiful man, comfortably open about his being gay), Joe Magnaniello; then you probably know of Matthew McConaughey. What is an A-list actor doing in a movie rated an Indie Comedy-Drama about male-strippers? I have no idea but will definitely ask him next time I catch up with him for some coffee.

Okay, I will give you a moment to Google the movie and the cast. Oh you're back, that was fast.

Alex Pettyfer, up close. No reason, just an up close shot.

It is not a complete insult to the intellect. At least, not mine. (wink!) It has its good moments and its entertainment value is par. Well with some films you know you will sleep through an hour and a half of trash. I was told there were cinemas where the audience was highly participative, not in an interactive sense. It was unfortunate that I watched it in a theatre with a ho-hum crowd that squirmed in their seats trying to stifle a sigh and their heavy breathing. I am not proposing, "go watch!" I am just saying the movie kept me awake and I thought I would write a post about it. Can you believe that? All I needed was to watch a strip-show then I found my Blog muse. (ahem...)

And in a short and rare moment of lucidity, I started this post. 

A Post-script:

I have a new toy. It is supposed to enable me to live-blog. My toy and I have not achieved the level of total synch. The toys these days seem to know more what to say and think than I do and I refuse to succumb to the fallacy that their intelligence, albeit artificial, is better than my smarts. So until then, I crawl to my trusty keyboard like my comfort love blanket. It is reassuring to feel that it has missed my fingers on its keys. I will see you soon. Perhaps to have a more substantive Blog muse to post about. At the moment, I feel like doing an Ellen Dance Dare. Toodles!


  1. Hey PB! Also happy when a post from you appears in my dashboard.:D As for being a once a month blogger, that's because you have something that I for one, do not have...a life!

    I hate male strippers and detest acts like the Chippendales but for some reason, this movie makes me want to wet my knickers and yes, I mean that in a good way.

    If it's taken for what it is, which is just a comedy-drama and not some intellectual art-house movie, then it's a pretty decent film. All that hip wriggling and pelvic thrusting as well as Matthew McConaughey, what more could anyone want? ♥

  2. Hi PB nice to see you:)
    Maybe I'll check out this movie I haven't seen a decent six-pack since that scene in 300, those Spartans will be hard to beat.

  3. I have not watched the movie...perhaps when it comes to TV. It just doesn't interest me & of Matthew McConaughey drives me nuts.


    Nice to see you back! Missed you...

  4. Hmm... will you look at that? I got the attention from my favourite ladies in the Blogsphere! I missed ya guys, and yes,Lily, somehow I oddly prefer the foolishly lame but absolutely hilarious Full Monty movie. But as Kiki has pointed out, if you have missed honest-to-goodness, unmade-up six pack, then this is it.
    Kim, true that about Matthew, but his backside was a delightful surprise. Trust me. :)

  5. Well, I, for one, miss you! I've missed a few people here in my little blogging vaca I recently took. But I'm back and I was SUPER excited to see that you had posted again...RECENTLY!!! Yay!

    I love, love, love Matthew McConaughey! He's my fave, but Channing is a looker as well.

    Glad to see you are back! Missed ya!

  6. Hey you, I saw your comment you left on my blog. I just wanted to say cheers, and that hopefully it will knock me out of my blog-stupor.

    I haven't left the whole 'scene' entirely. I still check my blog feed pretty much daily and do a bit of reading. I honestly can't say why I haven't posted in so long. I literally have no idea.

    But like I said, your comment seems to have brought me back. So thank you for that. Blog post inbound this weekend.

    All 'cos of you... *wink*.

  7. Whoo hoo! And thank you:D I will be seeing this movie this weekend. Going with a group of about 8 friends. If this is one of those quiet theatres with embarrassed glances at the screen we may get kicked out:P. I even hear tell there is a plot... yeah, like they need it. Nice to see you.

  8. BTW, I found it rather amusing you coming off your review of magic Mike to introduce your new toy. Just sayin' ;)

  9. Ah ma douce amie, Jamie - I knew you'd say somethin' and note the subtlety of the toys. Just sayin' too. ;)


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