Monday, June 20, 2011

For My Dad

I really wanted to say something more soul gripping and heart wrenching, but this song comes to mind.
I still remember the times when my Dad would lift me up from the floor and swing me around.

I got my love for the arts, music and dancing from him.  I got mostly from him, to be honest.
And whilst not a lot of people will share fond memories about their father, I have been blessed and fortunate to have enjoyed every minute my father treated me like a Princess.  For that alone, I would always live to make him proud.
I know you're somewhere out there, smiling, grinning even.  But the proud man-soldier-father that you are, I know it's criminal to believe it, but I could never go wrong in your eyes.  I love you Papa.


  1. I love this post. I love my dad more than life itself! It's so hard to ever find the words that could express that kind of love. I'll always be a daddy's girl to the core.

  2. Lovely post Psycho, times have not always been easy between us but he has always been there and the memory you shared at the beginning is maybe one of the best time I can remember. I'll always be one of the love of his life and if I can't find words to express my love to him, it's because it's all in the heart.
    Stay well always.

  3. Sis, no-one can take that away from you. :)

  4. very nice post

    peace :)

    peace for all dads out there

  5. this made me gush with love for your wonderful relationship with your father

    you truly are fortunate xo

  6. You are very fortunate that you had a father that valued you like that. It seems that those that are most important in our lives always leave too soon, whereas those that remain a constant critic (not in a positive manner) cling to our lives like weeds to the perfect garden...

    Sorry for your loss, but so glad you have such wondrous memories. If I had to choose between more time and good memories, I would choos good memories...


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