Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Philosophy of Change

I thought I should Blog about this considering I just turned in a New Blog and a new monicker for my Blog.  I believe that it is virtually impossible to discuss the phenomenon of Change without invoking the Philosophy behind it.  
The fact is, everything changes, so everything changes.
The Philosophy of change in I-Ching is that:  Change is eternal and universal both for the cosmic and the human plane; therefore it is necessary for us all, to know how to adapt to it. I-Ching is one of the more popular and timeless Chinese Books that dates back to the Fu Hsi and Yin dynasty that should be roughly 3000 B.C.(yeah, that wayyy back). Whilst it was then, predominantly used as a Book of Divination (meaning predicting future events) it has been referenced by several philosophers and psychiatrists as well. (Carl Jung for one), as the Book (Scripture) of Changes.  It's an oracle.
I have always believed that the central theme of the way of the world is "ONE YIN, ONE YANG".  The polarities, the dichotomies.  The bright (yang) and cloudy (yin); heaven and earth, sun and moon, light and dark, masculine and feminine, hard and soft.  
Change is the constant, it determines the predominance of either.  The "Yi", the character for Change, is depicted as the sun piercing through the clouds.
In my simple understanding, there is a lot of sense in the Chinese philosophies rooted in its pragmatism.  Getting a grip of the "What is" and "What Is Not", emphasizing that humans preoccupation with activities which conditions are temporary should be corrected and avoided.  It is said that, not only that you should not subdue things by force to your will, but you should know to use the circumstances in order to achieve your purpose.  
I was fully convinced that this is not going to be easy, but when I think about it, "when you go with the flow, and ride with the tide", there is least resistance, both inside myself and the whole landscape of my reality.
The Eastern philosophies (Confucianism and Taoism) subscribe to the idea that any movement should be made on the line of minimum resistance.  ( I laugh at this because I should have listened to my Dad and I have once made a Post on this). Choosing the Path of Least Resistance.
But listen up, the Taoists believe in 2 basic rules of Human conduct:

  1. Whenever you want to achieve something, you should start with its opposite. "In order to take, one will surely give first."  It's called subtle wisdom.
  2. Whenever you want to retain anything, you should admit in it something of its opposite. "Be bent and you will remain straight. Be vacant and you will remain full. Be worn and you will remain new."
And rightfully so, "Everything flows ... and this too, shall pass."
Welcome to my new Blog, formally, ALMOST BUT NOT QUITE, a journal of my journey, getting there and pursuing my path.


  1. change ... hmmm ... what is my purpose

  2. You write your feelings very well. I am happy for you to find your way back to your path. It is not easy to deal with changes sometimes they happen too fast.

  3. As a "change management consultant" I have found that I happily work to help others deal with change, but when it comes to change in my own life, my first reaction is to resist. I've tried to use this insight to help me...

    I'm a big believer in paying it forward. I also try to approach new (and often challenging) experiences as a life lesson. I don't want to get too "metaphysical", but I think my empath tendencies help me see the world from many points of view. My challenge, as a result, as been in sorting through all of those points of view, to determine the "truth" that is relevant to my life.

    Living a life that focuses on giving first (often at my own expense) has resulted in, frankly, being screwed by those who take first.

    I am still trying to find the balance.

  4. Well written and very interesting.

  5. Changes are definitely good, helping us to find a new road. Glad to see you back here and to be part of your journey - interesting post and from there All The Best!

  6. great article PBB, good life lessons in there and written clearly with a soulful touch.
    I try to also learn from my cats who are
    always wearing a smile from the side view...and they are really into meditation too :)

  7. Marie, thank you so much, you have always been very supportive and generous with your appreciation.
    River, you always make my heart smile.

  8. Excellent post... Very introspective. It's hard to look inside yourself in that way when thinking about your goals, challenges, and perceived "purpose" without being overly critical. It's easy to derail ourselves before we ever get started.

  9. I have realized, a while ago, that it's weirdly easy for me to adapt to changes. That saying about going with the flow, it can lead to a sort of cold non-involvement which is unnatural and can be quite damaging. Thinking 'what's the point of trying, things will be as they want to be' can be a step in the wrong direction.
    However 'you don't have to like it, you just have to accept it' is what seems to work best for me.


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