Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things That Make You Go ... Aww ... Award

I welcomed this week in a most contemplative mood.  Perhaps my meeting up with a friend from some years back that I have not seen for aeons affected me in a rather deep way I didn't know it would.  She has MS, or better known as a brain lesion that causes Multiple Sclerosis.  Whilst she has oral medications, they always rule out any other form of treatment, after all, it is still unclear where this disease comes from or whether it can be reversed.  She is not easy to look at, even a little painful for me. I prefer to remember her robust figure, the flushed pink cheeks always with a ready smile and the crackling laughter. I can't help think why these things happen to very good and decent people.  Albeit, when you hear her talk about her disease, she sounds more grateful than most of my healthy friends about her life and where she is at the moment.  Her eyes however uneven now and half blind, still twinkles.
Just when every single colour that I see seem to fade and my melancholia was seeping into my bones, I get a soul-touching and heart-warming surprise from Marie, The Colour of our Skin. (I have seen a lot of posts at The Coffee Shop on Blogs that are must-read, Marie's Blog is one of them.)  Marie gave me this award and I just feel so loved and blessed.  Thank you so much Marie!

I don't think there are any attendant rules, but her Post indicated I say 7 Things About Me and pass this award to other Bloggers of Note (based on my own standards this time, booyah!)
I don't really have a lot to say considering that I have done those Questionnaire Type of Getting To Know Me thingy, perhaps I should give this a little tweak. 

What are the Seven (7) things That Make Me Go Aww ....:

  1. A baby's breath (both the infant and the flowers)
  2. A surprise love note or gesture
  3. A still night full of stars they look like the crowded subway
  4. A lovely bottle of Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon shared with a great friend
  5. A beautiful sunrise and a romantic sunset
  6. My cat purring as we nozzle together
  7. Soft kisses and warm hugs
And now for my own Bloggers of Note who deserve this
(most of these are the new ones since all of my friends on here are in the Hall of Fame)
Note to my Awardees:  
No obligations.  I just want you to breathe in and take this award as my appreciation for the multitude of emotions your Blog brings to my experience as a Follower and Reader. And for that please accept my token of gratitude.


  1. congrats on your new award, I liked your aww's

    you picked some good people for the award congrats to them also :)

  2. Awesome! Well deserved and great blogs to pass them onto. Well deserved! Congrats to you and those nominated.

  3. Petite Thank you so much...I have 2 awards now...will blog about dearest
    You know you are one of my new found gems...not to mention friend.
    I am now dependent on you
    you are always on my back...or backing me up
    I think I like it
    Stay you and true as I know you do Stell ♥
    PS...handy that alt num lock heart you taught me

  4. You've made me utter "wow" more than once with this post.

    First, your description of your friend... I have a friend whose husband has ALS. He was younger-than-usual when diagnosed nearly 7 years ago - only 32 years old. Like MS, ALS is a progressive disease - one that erodes one's physical state while leaving the mind untouched. It's heart wrenching to know that the vibrant person you know and love cannot express that vibrancy as they previously did. Yet, the strength of spirit triumphs - we just have to see that, rather than focusing on the physical "wrapper" housing that spirit.

    Second... I feel humbled and honored that you included me on your list. Thank you! It's a mutual admiration society, my dear. You've added a richness to my life (through your blog and our online interactions) that I truly value. Thank you.

    ... and, since I always have to crack a joke, lest I get too emotional... I will close this comment with, "You like me! You really like me!" :-)

  5. i agree, marie's blog is great
    and your seven things
    are wonderful.
    omg my cat wont stop screaming for her lunch...

  6. This is a great post Psycho and I am delighted it put a bit of colour in your week.
    Know it is hard to see our friends in pain. That hurts and acknowledging it is a honest way to heal. But looking at what you write, your friend is grateful for what she has. Amazingly beautiful. Thinking we have it all and we don't take the time to express our gratitude.

    Thanks for linking up to other interesting blogs. Stay well.

  7. Very deserved award! Congrats :)

  8. :) yes ... deserved my dear xo

  9. Very nice. I like this. Good work!

  10. Thank you guys. I feel the Love! ♥

    I hope they make a list of Awws ...

  11. Right back attcha Kid
    New award

  12. Wow. You guys sure know how to make a girl feel special. You are amazing always waiting for a wonderful word to save the day. Thank you so much. I will do my awards page as soon as I get to my comp. Hugs . And your friend is deeply in my thoughts.

  13. So glad to find you again. Somehow I missed your move. Looking forward to reading your posts again!

  14. Awww- thanks!
    I don't know the protocol @ blogger awards.
    I need a tiara, and a gown- When is the parade?
    I'm honored...

  15. I am sorry I missed this.
    Congratulations Psycho! You deserve this and always supportive of my work in my Blog.


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