Thursday, August 25, 2011

International Blog Day 2011

I have decided to participate in the International Blog Day for 2011 Celebration.
This event is sponsored by NuffNang, a Blog Advertising community viewed by 8 million people around the world daily.
The mechanics are simple enough to participate in. International Blog Day 2011

"On Blog Day, bloggers will post a recommendation of 6 new blogs, and this way, everyone will find themselves discovering new, previously unknown blogs thanks to the viral effect of social media."
As a token of my appreciation to my fellow Bloggers, I have taken the liberty of recommending six (6) Blogs that I follow and enjoy reading, constantly for different reasons. Each Blog I chose is distinctly different and unique. 
There are other great Blogs that I follow that I have grown most fond of, mainly for the intimacy of what is shared and the candour of the Blog author. Albeit some of them maybe a bit too personal and private that I would rather not dare cross the boundaries of what their preferences are, without seeking their permission to be subject to global scrutiny.
So I chose carefully, and safe, with what can be classified as Rated GP. General Patronage.

First, The Colour of Our SkinMarie Harmony.  A great woman from Dublin, Ireland.  Her heart reaches out through her words as she shares her life's journey in varying roles that we, as women take on.  She is awesome and inspiring and never fails to grip your soul. Marie also has a Photo-Journal Blog and a Poetry Blog.

Second, My Inner ChickKim.  Kim is a woman Blogger with clear sense of purpose.  She breathes and lives for a Cause. Paramount among her causes is a personal experience when her entire family suffered the loss of her sister, murdered by her husband.  Classic victim of wife battery and abuse.  She is also a mother, a cook, a daughter and owns a lot of funny bones in her body.  Perhaps she will strike you as a Fashion Blogger.  But she is way beyond that.

Third, My Milk ToofInhae Renee Lee is young lady artist of Korean descent who studied in California Institute of the Arts and Ecole' Nationale Superiuere des Beaux-Arts in Paris whose talent and gift just blows me away.  She is a resident of Berkeley, and has also authored several children's books. If you check out her site, I promise, you will be in love with the two teef.

Fourth, The Book of DrachmaTim.  Well if you have not chanced upon this writer/Blogger, then you are missing a lot!  He is a medical physician from Oklahoma and is a couple of moons away from publishing his novel, The Book of Drachma. You will be completely immersed in this medical fantasy and I dare you resist the urge of buying his book once it hits the book stores.  I am in an enviable position to have read the original manuscripts!  He hosts two Blogs, one of which is a Photography Journal.

Fifth, HypertheticallyLeroy, is from Denver and contrary to his belief, is a real-life genius!  He is a computer artist, a scientist, a creative thinker, among others, but above all, a very great writer and poet.  He hosts three (3) Blogs, the other two are called Amorphous Trapezoid and Games Conceived.  I may have failed to mention, he also dabbles in inventing games. He would have made the perfect partner to Einstein had they been born on the same period.

Sixth, Hill Blocks ViewFlip.  He may sound completely demented but he is absolutely hilarious! He writes with a punch and guarantees to give you a belly ache or gas when you read his posts. In real life, Flip would probably blow up your water pipes if you intend to tap his services and you live somewhere in New Mexico.

I could go on and on, but I was asked to choose only six.  I would have loved to include several more but since most of them have an Adult Warning, I decided to follow the popular rules, rather than my customary non-conformist and deviant behaviour.
I sincerely hope you guys get the international accolade you all deserve!  Cheers!


  1. Dear Petite, I thank you so much for considering me and my posts as anything worthy of your attention. I am really astonished.
    It has been quite a road that I have traveled with my soon to be published novel, and now this...

    Thanks again.

  2. Ye gads, an adult warning on some blogs!! Scary!

    Ohhh, wait that could include mine. ;)

  3. damn ... i never knew about international blog day! i wasn't ready for this!!! aaaaargh! and there i was just yakking about a 96 year old fart!

  4. My jaw literally dropped. Wow. Thanks. Just wow! I don't deserve it. Really, I'm a complete moron.

  5. -- Dear, Petite,
    How Sweeeeeet that you would mention me. Thank you soooo much.
    Can't wait to check out your other recommendations.
    Hugzzzzzzzzzz. xx

  6. I am really thankful to you and amazed at the same time you appreciate my blog so much to include it on your list.
    It's more or less my journey in life and sometime I ask myself is it worth sharing it - It seems to be.

    Thank you so much. Take care. Marie

  7. ---Hi,Petite
    I place a comment down yesterday, too!
    Thank you so much for thinking of me. What an honour. I shall check out the other blogs.
    YOU R awesome :) xxxx

  8. Wow. Just wow! Thanks. I really am honored. Shocked, surprised, a little befuddled, not very smart, kinda ugly, ridiculously untalented, but honored. Really, thanks for the love.

  9. Leroy here. Thanks for the very undeserved recognition. Einstein, though, would kick my ass, figuratively and literally.

  10. Hello y'all, it's criminal NOT to share your Blogs to the rest of the world.
    I would have wanted to list Big A's Blog and Staff's, but I am not sure of the readership. Your Blogs are very intimate disclosures.
    And Flip, you are adorable, believe me.
    Drachma, it's an honour to be in your reader's list. Same way with Kim, Marie and Leroy, the genius!

  11. I wish I hadn't missed this - there's quite a few that I'd recommend, just having a post holiday catch up read of everyone and you're all bloody brilliant.

    But it's gonna take me a month to read every post I missed lol.

  12. Thanks for sharing these blogs - They are awesome - check here for an award waiting for you

    Take care petite.

  13. Hey, thank you so much Marie.
    Your recognition comes at a time I need it most. Sincerely appreciate the award. =)

    I am totally lagging behind my readings as well DCG. Have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks for stopping by.


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