Monday, August 1, 2011

Repost: Choosing The Path Of Least Resistance

I am reposting (click link please^) the third Post I made in February 2011, (back in the days when my Blog was called Coffee and Smokes Chat), mainly because I am deeply moved by a comment left by a person who chose to remain Anonymous. 
His comment was Dated 1 August 2011.
This is what he said: 

Anonymous said...

My wife is dying.

July 18, we celebrated 22 years together. She is 46 and, if the doctors are right, will never be 47. Cervical cancer that moved to her lungs. I say this because I want you to know how important your post here is. I see her in your words. Our life has not been the easy path, ever. It was her path. She chose each step, regardless of the things around her. Even when she might stumble. And now she still chooses her step. Even while looking death in the eye, she raises her skirt and lifts her foot, and takes the step she and she alone has chosen.

The grace and strength is humbling to watch.

I really wished you left an address so I could respond to you directly.  But nevertheless, I am awed by the story of your unconditional love and I am dedicating this re-post to your wife; she is an as inspiration to all of us with her unquestionable fortitude and grace even in the face of the most daunting of all life's challenges.  Thank you so much for sharing your touching story.  I am humbled by this gesture.
I wish you will see this re-post.

Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.  ~Author Unknown


  1. When I wrote this, I had intended to remain anonymous. I was looking for pictures, I intend to get a tattoo, and Google images lead me to your post. The little girl in the rain. That's my wife, stepping deliberately despite the rain. Your words were a powerful reminder to me of who I married and how our lives have carried forward in spite of the rain or the wind, or the opinion of the in laws, or the financial burden the ethical choice might bring. Your kindness in response to my comment caught me off guard, so to speak. Thank you.

    I want to end this with some words of wisdom, but I don't have any at the moment. I think you already know what I might offer, it was in your February post. Keep doing that. It's worth the price.

  2. i liked both posts. thanks for sharing!

  3. oh the quote on strength ... that rings over here ...

  4. Hope that he comes back and sees this. He and his wife are inspirational.

  5. Thank you V, A and Alex.
    Thank you Dave for stopping by and I am glad to see that you have opened a Blog.
    I hope my friends, who have always been very supportive of me on here, will make time to see your posts and show their love and support. Take care.

    To my friends: please check out and Follow if you wish to. Anybody who has someone or lost someone to cancer can always use some kind of support and understanding.
    Here's his link:

  6. great post. I think I read almost half of all people get some kind of cancer and everyone knows somebody...I think the ACS is a good charity if anyone can afford to give now. Thnx for the link

    Poor Signal- Dave's Blog

    Crying With A Sense Of Human

  7. I'm gonna go take a look in a minute.

    But how lovely is that message - just goes to show that your words can reach out and touch people :)

  8. What a wonderful thing it was to find the picture, then find the words on PB's blog, here. It's absurdly good. Thank you, everyone, for listening about the cancer. Thank you even more for hearing my on-going story of what I consider the most epic love the world has known. Thank you for knowing Tati.

  9. Every now and then we do the right thing, say the right thing at just the right time, and we feel the reverberations in our soul. Your post was that, indeed. For those in need and onlookers alike. I can still sense the echos.

  10. This is so touching!As Drachma said, your post touched the right chord at the right time.


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