Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sometimes Being Nice Sucks

Being a douche and an asshole, and not caring for anyone or anything at all, is way too easy. That would explain the proliferation of this species in the humanity-dom.

Who cares if more than half the people in the world is starving? That the homeless should be sheltered; the substance abusers must be rehabilitated and that the ghetto children deserve health and education? Or if the overweight people are bullied and are bound to slit their wrists in the next day or two because they feel unloved? That those anorexics-emo-turds deserve to be flushed out of the world so they don't litter their sorry skeletal bones all over the place? Or that being ugly does not really matter, it's what inside that counts? That racism and segregation still truly exists? Bullshit!

Do you know that caring is frickin' tiring? Being fair allows other people to step all over you. Being honest helps you lose the race and any other competition. Living true to your values and life principles make you lame. Trusting that other people will tend for you in your time of crisis and need is inevitable given that you extended an arm and a leg (and a torso) to help them out when they were rock bottom. Fuck that!

It was your choice or your nature to be good and nice to people. But to expect people to care just as much, are you kidding me? Grow up! You are likely to be the prime target of scam artists and parasites who will suck the life out of you. 

Fine so you sleep with a smile, but who the hell cares if you're smiling?

Yeah I know, I am ranting and frothing at the mouth.
There are days when it's a lot better to behave like a bitch and be true to form. It's too easy and too much fun.

It really breaks my heart to see more and more people succumb to the easy way following the rules of life in general. The few people who try to do good and have a heart, continuously get punished and suffer for good intentions. The last one that ever walked this earth was stoned and crucified.

This reality leaves very little option for people who try to have a decent life or for a lot more, who just try to survive.

What am I saying here? I don't know. really. All I know is that I try to live by my choices and how I choose to behave. And in return, I fend for myself and I trust myself to do great things for me. Sure I still care, as a matter of fact, I care too much. However, that will never stop me for looking out for myself when I need to. Just a reality check. Painful but I am just keeping it real.


  1. Sooo......that Nigerian prince's email ISN'T legit?
    Crap. I hope I can get to the post office on time.

  2. It is too true that nice people receive more punishment than those who could care less, but in a way that is also their reward. At least your mind and soul is enriched with some of the knowledge of our world, while some others are doomed to be forever oblivious.

    It is a blessing and a curse, but I think you're a wonderful person for carrying it. You have a huge heart, and that gets you hurt, but it also ultimately rewards you.

    Sending you good energy and much love.

  3. well said PB that was like a breath of fresh air bloody good rant!

  4. ~~~Dear Psycho,
    I'd rather be good and nice to people than walk around like some assholes I know. Seriously. Yes, caring is exhausting....but to not care is more exhausting.
    I mean, when I'm a total bitch, it only feels good for a while....I truly believe that when one is compassionate, it will continually flow back to you...perhaps not in this life, but in the next one.
    Love your honesty ( as always ) Kiss for you today, you kind wonderful girl!!

  5. Sad but true. Being good does suck in so many ways, and on so many levels. And yes sleeping with a smile doesn't make up for the fact that a) you often sleep alone, and b) are slighted more often then you care to admit. But as Popeye once said, "I yem, what I yem." To be anything else would be a lie. And so I smile more for others than my self. For I will be damned if I gave the bastards the satisfaction of thinking they got the better of me. Having said that. I enjoy you writing.

  6. It seems that being a good person, or at least a 'nice' person, can really suck at times. But I know that you just can't help it. And I think that's why I care, if from a distance. And I just cannot imagine you as the uncaring and dastardly ones in your rant.
    But it feels so good to get it out there doesn't it?

  7. I could have done with reading those words years ago. Unfortunately being caring and sharing, just gives people a ready made doormat on which to wipe their feet.

    Years of being there for friends and family and yet in my darkest hour, who do I have to turn to? Which is why Spawn and I have the motto, "Little man and mummy, against the world".

    Powerful post as always PB.

  8. Dear Al, I am so sorry to inform you that the Nigerian Prince has been canned. They have labelled and marketed him as Spam. I hope you made it to the Post Office in time. :)

    Dear Jez, spot on, as usual. Sometimes, even the biggest heart needs to re-charge it's batteries. thank you so much.

    Dear Kiki, bloody hell, sure feels damn good!

    Dear Kim, venting helps me. At the end of the day, I'm back to caring and wearing my heart on my sleeves. thank you sweetie!

    Deay Ody-One, thanks for stopping by and making time to comment; sincerely appreciate it. And yeah, I hear you. There are people who gloat with delight to see other people suffer. Promise me you'll never ever give in to these organisms.

    Dear Tim, you know me well enough, it's just good to let it rip sometimes!

    Dear Lily, I can only try to imagine those past years you had and the many people that probably thought you could not bounce back and laugh at the memories, albeit the pain, you lived through it!
    Li'l Spawn and you against the world? Gawd, that's a formidable duo, I wonder who would dare take you on, because I definitely would prefer to watch in the sidelines whilst you guys take 'em down! You got this Lily, I know you know you do! Cheers!

  9. Sometime we need to let these things out and I think your thoughts echo many of the ones we have.
    Caring about others, be kind and generous is something you have with you, it's tiring, exhausting but you could not be any other way. It's who you are.
    I feel hurt too. I even think I am kind of stupid for being there always for others, for trying as much as I can to help, to give a hand. But at the end of the day when I am acting badly it does not feel let's remain nice my dear!
    Kindness will flow our way at some stage. Take care.

  10. I can feel the hurt and frustration in this, PB, and I bet countless people who haven't commented on this will agree with you. I agree with you - it hurts and it is painful sometimes knowing that if you take your shield down and lower your guns, someone will most likely strike.

    But even knowing this, I still lower my weapons because I know that at the end of the day, I would feel good knowing I did the right thing. Knowing that I didn't hurt someone, cause someone else the pain that I so detest. It would be more exhausting to me knowing that I was a jerk to someone.

    But I still agree with your frustration. It sucks sometimes. As always, I appreciate your frankness PB. Take care.

  11. i demand nice people surround me :)

    you are one.

    i am one.

    we are fortunate.


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