Friday, March 25, 2011

Because I Can (Awards Galore)

So I got me another sweet surprise from my friend Kimberly Marie.  You will find her here, and if you haven't followed her, that's such a damn shame.
It is another award which I have diligently included in my Awards Gallery that you can find here:
And for my "What's With?" Blog, you can find my Badges on the Sidebar that I also diligently update.
I reckon I would love to give a couple of my own, dovetailing from Kim's lead albeit I thought of giving some other type of awards to my own list of Blogs of Note.  There are no obligations to this, I just want to, so I will.

First off, the Blogs I read that provide a consummate source of insight and encouragement, I am honoured to give the INSPIRATIONAL BLOGGER AWARD to:

Marie, Kim and Nadya:  you should keep writing.  Your Blogs illuminate and elevates people souls.

Secondly, for people whose Poetry touches even the most cynical and jaded of hearts, I am honoured to give the PROUDLY POETIC AWARD to:

They have the gift of weaving words that touches your core.

Third, for a unique collection of arts, photographs and layout that are all well thought of and appealing, I am honoured to give the BEST VISUAL BLOG AWARD to:

Fourth, for the Blog fearless writers who don't give a rodent's ass what anybody thinks of what they want to write about and they will, and are very good at it, I am honoured to give the BRAVE BLOGGER AWARD to:
Fifth, for writing a merry mix of survival stories for women, generously sharing their wit, insights and experiences to fit all sizes and needs. I am honoured to give the LADY'S CHOICE BLOG AWARD to:

And just because they are totally awesome women I met in this Blog-land, I am honoured to give the GIRLFRIEND BLOGGER AWARD to:

I want to dedicate this Post to all these wonderful people whose talents and personal life stories they chose to generously share in the Internet universe; and for the lives they have touched, albeit unknowingly.  Cheers!  
I will consider your acceptance of these awards as a lovely birthday treat to myself.


  1. dearest psycho. thanky for the award and happy birthday :)
    i like your site and writing because of your well balanced outlook on life and I sense an acceptance, and tolerance even of positions with which you have are a fun-loving and caring sprit and I always enjoy reading your blog posts :)

  2. Very cool, PB! That is so thoughtful of you for making all of those awards :) very creative!

  3. Thankyou PB, that's made me smile - twice.

    Hope you have a wonderful day xx

  4. Thanks soul-sis, we have met here for a reason. I accept your award with pride.

    Wish you a wonderful birthday in advance.May love, happiness, joy, fulfillment and peace be yours now and forever.

  5. Awwww.....thanks so much PB!!! This will look quite beautiful on my ond blog!


  6. Thank you for the Award Psycho.
    I really appreciate it and I like this award.

  7. You are most generous and wonderful, as always, dah-ling!!


  8. What an honor for me this award! I am short on words right now. Thank you so much.
    And by the way all these new Awards are Awesome! Great Idea.

    You deserve yours and more! Have a lovely birthday, celebrate and may your year be full of lovely times and Joyful moments!!

  9. Awwww what a great award to be given :D


    I'll have to visit some of these other award-worthy blogs too!

    Thanks for thinking of me!

  10. Wow! What an honor. Thanks!

    I haven't been called brave since that time I saved that fat German kid from the chocolate river. Or was that a dream?

    Anyway, thanks for the award and reading my blog. It's nice to know someone appreciates it.

  11. Found a couple of beaut blogs in the list, thanks.

    oh and cheers.

  12. Thanks wonderful people. It's a privilege to read your respective Blogs and I am honoured to give a humble tribute.


  13. Thank you so much! sorry about the delay. my internet hasnt been working so well these days..
    It means a lot to me


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