Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Stylish Blogger Award? Awww Shucks!

5 March 2011
A Stylish Blogger Award --- woot woot for me!!!
I received two awards from my awesome fellow Bloggers:

Capricious Retch - the same guy who rants and rambles about his past loves, his music and his passion somewhere from the Midwest (Omaha to be specific), but you'll find him here nonetheless:

And from Jezebel, a true artist, musician, graphic designer, writer among others.  Somewhere in the Boonies of North Carolina, this lady shoots and writes from the hip.  WIth some wee bit of quirkiness that makes all artists endearing, you must check her out:

Not that I want to be short changing you guys, but since I got these Awards for both Blogs I maintain, you will actually see this post twice.  (naughty grin), here where we have some fresh brewed coffee, chit chat and all,  plus here:;  where I rant about things that give me a pain in the arse.

I am extremely grateful for the recognition. 
Here's what needs to be done to keep the award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award, and link to them.

2. List 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to 15 newly discovered bloggers that you think deserve it.

4. Contact them, and tell them about the award.

And in keeping up with the tradition of the Academy (snicker, snicker), here are 7 more things about me:

  1. I am a very hyperactive kid, having said this, I have broken my left and right elbows, dislocated my left patella (knee cap), fractured both my left and right ankles, fractured my right middle finger and ring finger (volleyball) and all these because I played soccer, volleyball and basketball; and when I am not playing, I was in the Pep Squad (cheer leading).
  2. I am an "extravert", (said so in my Myers Briggs Profile) so I tend to talk whilst I think.  Gets me in trouble more often than not.  But I made a career out of listening.
  3. Growing up, my parents thought, it would be worthwhile to keep me interested as well in quiet activities, which worked.  I love to read, write and paint and dabble in photography.  I actually took a Certificate Course for this to quiet me down.
  4. I do watercolour painting, but have only had one exhibit.  I only have 3 pieces of the 24 original pieces I made.  Unfortunately, I gave it to friends and did not earn a single cent.
  5. I am a hybrid, born from a Filipina mother, and an American-Spanish father.
  6. I thought I would like to be a Doctor, so I studied B.S. in Biology for my undergraduate.  Thinking that it just takes too long for payback time (and I wanted to be independent), I shifted to Psychology and pursued a Master's Degree in Clinical Counselling Psychology.
  7. Despite my education, I spent only 3 years in the actual practice dealing with children with autism.  My heart was too weak for this, so I went to the corporate world to practice Industrial Psychology only to find out, there are more cuckoos in the private multi-national companies and they make good money in spite of their insanity and dysfunction.
I am asked to award 15.  I think otherwise.   (I also love to deviate and non-conform), so I will list the Blogs that I believe deserve this affirmation and recognition:

Alicia, Dean, Dead-Girl, Xia-Xia, Rachel and Jessica, you totally rock and I am honored to give you the Stylish Blogger award.


  1. thank you so much for thinking of me with the award but i don't feel comfortable with awards. eeek i am strange like that.

    now i got a post permanently on my blog asking people to please not give me awards.sorry i was to slow for you to see it :(

  2. Hello Dead Girl
    No worries. It's really the thought.
    I do find your style unique albeit quite dark. You may choose not to follow any of the mechanics anyway, it's not like we are being audited. But thanks for the heads up.

  3. Thanks for the fee publicity ;) Thanks for being a friend, writer, and reader too.

  4. awe...Yay! thank you so much babe! I've never won an award before! so, big hugs...I love I gotta go read what I do with it. lol.

  5. How interesting you are....I loved reading about your degrees & interests.
    you spelled color like "colour"
    So you must live in Europe??? Yes?
    ~~~You Rock! :)

  6. You're awesome, and I left you something else on my page :)

  7. Hey psycho Babbling BAsher,
    I just saw on your profile u listed piller of the earth and fountainhead amongst other favorite novels
    I absolutely love piller of the earth and I love Atlas Shrugg from Ayn Rand too, the fountainhead was great as well and if you havent read atlas shrugg, i really recommend it!

  8. I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you about awarding me. I appreciate this very, very, very much. But... I'm not doing the award thing. I'm sorry, but thank you!

  9. Hey T. - you rock! Yeah, and have to agree with my girlfriend BLG, you're smokin' hot!
    Alice - I am honoured to know a novelist.
    Kim - I stayed in London for 3 years. Thank you.
    Jez - Thanks, you're spoiling me rotten.
    Diablesse - I have read Atlas Shrugged, too. You should try some Coehlo, start with The Alchemist.
    Rachel - no worries. I love your style. And that's just the point.

    Thanks people. You all rock my world!

  10. That's a wonderful list you have. Often times all a blogger needs is someone to expose them to the world (:)). Even if it is not your own personal taste, it might be one of your readers'. Thanks for sharing.


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