Wednesday, March 9, 2011


9 March 2011
(NOTE:  an old poem I made some 3 years back (2008); speaking from my heart, back then.)


Weary, weeping soul,
a starless and cloudless night;
Frightened by shadows,
obscuring the path of light;
Wasted time on foggy myths.

Seeking for meaning,
but the mind is tired and weak.
Dulled by confusion.
 and impaired by digression.
Fractured, lost wishes;
Tomorrows are unforeseen
The heart is fragile. Be still.

Roads are crossed and barred;
Dodging whips of cruel winds
 Luminous flickers,
hanging hopes on a fine thread;
Blinded eyes faithful, trusting.

A kindred firefly,
lends allusion to an end;
Move and tread the course,
of sunrises and sunsets;
Lines that never bend.


  1. whoa.. I love it. My take is that sure things dont always go the way we'd like and we don't have control of the random things at all, but just Look around you and you'll find something to hang on to maybe even yourslef

    Anyhow, that is a good message, not that a poem should or shouldnt have a message!

    Crying With A Sense Of Human

  2. what a beautiful image you sketch... a lovely piece of work.

  3. Beautiful message from the heart indeed...

    "Hanging hopes on a fine thread;
    Blinded eyes faithful, trusting."

    That is how we must live life... everything will not always make sense, but we must hope that everything happens for a reason, that the path will lead us to where we need to be.

  4. "Seeking for meaning,
    but the mind is tired and weak"

    Very profound and beautiful. :)

  5. Great way to capture the experience that is "living".

  6. ... Lines that never bent...
    So well expressed. Life isnt always easy but life is life and u've got to move on, find that beauty along the way
    When I read how beautifully you write it makes me feel good about the comments you post on my poems :)

  7. Thank you for making time to comment on my Poem.
    I find poetry writing more intimate and disclosing. Like painting. It is really more expressive. Words come from the soul.

    Thanks again. You guys rock!

  8. You amaze me with you poetry Psycho. I had no idea you think so poetically & write so damn well. You should display this talent more often.

    My fav line is :
    The heart is fragile. Be still.

    Woops, cant wait for more of it. Just take it as a demand from a friend, will you?

  9. Very nice poetry, I enjoyed reading it!


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