Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Just because I am sick does not mean I have lost my ability to throw some quick punches.  So I decided to post about several reasons why Being Sick Sucks ...
I have compiled tons of reasons, yet I am absolutely sure you can add a lot more so feel free adding on when you read this by making a comment.  If you are a tad sensitive, let me warn you, some words may be a little too graphic, but that's the only way I can express and release this angst.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here you go:

  • That awful medicines you need to take.  If they wanted you to feel better, don't you think its fair to expect the pharmaceutical companies to have designed the pills a little smaller than a giraffe, and just a little sweeter?
  • The way people try to baby you when you feel better off rotting on your own in your body fluids.
  • Everything you try to say comes out like a "whining" from a sick puppy.
  • That feeling where a ton of bricks is dancing on your head.
  • Trying your best to maintain poise and grace when snot is dribbling out of your nose the whole day.
  • That awful and hurtful call or text message from your friends that they are having so much fun and it's a damn shame you can't get out to join them because you're sick.
  • You are starting to feel like you are a dam about to break and yet people insist you have to take on more water and liquids.
  • That rancid, flat taste on your tongue.
  • Being buried in a tissue mountain you can't hardly crawl out of. Plus, you are left with no option but to clean them up yourself because nobody wants to touch those snotty tissues.
  • You are dreadfully sick on a weekend and just about Monday, miraculously and painfully, you start to feel better.
  • When your coughing fit starts, you terrify your cat because you sound like a coyote learning to bark.  Your dog comes running to you thinking you just let out a mating call.
  • Oh when the puking starts, some of it passes out through your nose.  Just yuch!
  • And because you are heavily drugged, and 70% water, there's practically little solids to throw up.  When you do, the gastric acids mix up with whatever you had for breakfast, and they burn your throat so badly, you cough and puke at the same time!
  • So you brush your teeth after puking.  But it still taste so bad, you puke again!
  • Breathing makes every single muscle and nerve of your chest cavity hurt, but you can't stop breathing.  There is just no other option.
  • You feel freezing cold but you are sweating it out like a pig. Then you feel cold again.
  • You are lying in bed, and a big one travels up to your throat, you turn around to grab more tissues, but you have run out of. You croak as you have lost your voice, you are left with no choice but to swallow it up again.  Eww... I know.
  • Well-meaning people come around to check you out, they give you one look and say ..."You don't look so good". Well, who would look good if you feel like shit?
  • After about 3 days of feeling sick, you have just had enough of it. You stand and try to feel normal, but you feel woozy right away and the fever comes back again.
  • All you really want to do is to have an undisturbed, restful sleep. But you wake up every hour to piss or cough or blow your nose.
  • Your nose starts to burn and chafe from too much blowing. You try to save the skin by rubbing some lotion and it stings like hell!
  • Everything, I mean everything tastes and smell awful.  Even you smell awful.
  • On your way to the bathroom, you get an attack of coughing, you cough so much, you barely make it. You drop on the bathroom floor in a coughing seizure. Someone hears you and sees you on the floor. Laughs out loud and thinks you are overdoing this "sick" thing.
  • At some point, you actually feel that you are probably dying. So you break down and cry. You feel stupid, foolish and helpless. You cry some more.
  • Every single minute of being sick sucks. But there's not much you can do until your body has won the battle. Meanwhile, you sniffle, sneeze, cough and puke and wait for it to be over.


  1. Oooo, sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better soon. I hate when you are so sick it's coming out everywhere. Nothing like having a have a bucket in front of the toilet:S

  2. Dear Petite, Here's hoping that you get better real soon, and that your fever breaks, and your nose and respiratory tract recover from your assault by one of those viruses that shall remain nameless.

  3. I hate being sick, and so my body conveniently saves it until I get a vacation. 'Cause who wants to enjoy time away from work, anyway?

  4. I couldn't stop laughing and nodding my head when I was reading this, I probably looked like an idiot! Your first reason is my very top reason to avoid getting sick: that icky, yucky gross syrup medicine. Cherry is the worst. It doesn't even taste like cherry either!
    It does suck that you are sick though, PB, and props to you for throwing a few punches while you're not top-notch. You go girl!

  5. The worst one, having a stomach bug that forces you to expel from both ends...at the same time. And then having to decided which end takes more precedence over the other. Especially if the toilet and sink are not in the same room. Or is that just me?

  6. Aww... thanks for your comments.
    I just find that there is something ridiculously pathetic about being sick. and I haven't even started talking about how "grown" men behave when they are sick. I think they time travel back to being 4-year olds.
    And yes Tim, I am on it. I will be sending you an email reply.
    Jamie - I can see the wisdom in your comment. But still Yuch!
    Flip - true, why waste being sick on a work day. that's what weekends and holidays are for. lol
    Amie - I can imagine you laughing and thinking of all other odd scenarios when you are sick. ;)
    Lily - ahh, sweetie, yeah, I think it's just you! LMAO!

  7. omg sweety!!! i'm so sorry you're so sick! the only good thing that comes of it is the fact that you're building your immune.


    get better fast my dear!!!

  8. aw sorry you're so sick, drink plenty of juice and get well soon ♥

  9. I am sorry you're so sick :(

    Drink plenty of juice and i hope you will feel better soon ♥

    I don't know if my comment got sent but in case it didn't...

  10. Awe honey, I'm so sorry you are feeling so poopey! I hope you get well very very very soon!


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