Monday, September 26, 2011


I was tickled to post about this when one of the Blogs that I follow, Marie harmony, asked her female followers "What We Regularly Wear At Home?"
And I thought about this subject.  Now listen up, this has no empirical evidence nor do I want to sound like a Cosmo Magazine article save for a few smiles and laughs.  Yet some of it may have a little grain of truth and accuracy, I really don't know.  It's worth a read though, trust me on that.
Well have you ever been to a Pyjama Party?  Did you really come into the party with your actual sleepwear?  Honestly?  Well if you did, let's take a look at what this may tell about you.

Flannel Pyjamas (Pajamas)
You are an open book.  What you see, what you get.  You want to feel cozy and comfortable and you rely on your sensibilities.  No nonsense and no time for games. You don't dress for sexuality, so they say, unless you only wear the top and nothing else.  You may love your partner but excitement is not your thing and you are satisfied with routine.

Silky/Lacy Lingerie
You are likely to be a modern romantic. If you love the silky type, you wear this as a touch of femininity; and you know your partner wants to touch it too.  You take the lead in staging some level of eroticism in your relationships. If you tend towards the lacy type, long, short or mid-length, you really don't dress for comfort but to please your partner. You are trying to obtain a sexual connection with your partner, but he is likely in control, not you. (Well, I don't know about you but lace just makes me itch.  And I totally don't find anything nearly romantic or sensual if I am scratching myself all over.)

Teddy/Cotton Camisole/Tank Top and Shorts
You have to be very confident, playful and comfortable in your own skin to pull this off. If you will be romping around with this on, you completely trust and love how your body looks. (I just love how that sounds because as this is my staple look, it is mainly because I always thought I will grow up to be a boy. And I just honestly never outgrew the "look.") You tend to be the more adventurous type in lifestyle and sexual preferences. You don't really give a rodent's ass if you will have sex in the kitchen with the lights on. You are spontaneous and generally sexually charged. (Hmmm...)

Naked and Raw (Or just nek-ked)
They say, chances are, you are a spirited idealist, a natural leader. Quite innovative, a bit reckless and adapts easily to change. If you sleep in the raw with your partner, it creates the strongest level of intimacy between two people. Even if you are not having sex, there is an absolute erotic and sensual edge into it. Plus the bonus factor that the absence of waistbands and elastic straps will never make you look fatter. (Hey that makes a lot of sense!)


  1. Hmm, I wear all of them from time to am I a chameleon or just confused ?

    Actually being as I'm single I guess I'm just comfortable.

  2. ok, but i wear flannel bottoms/shorts and men's tshirts.

    how do i find out who i am?!?!?

  3. I loove this!!! <3 and its funny because one day I feel sensual and another day I just feel like a big shirt and my handmade boxers. the last one is just awesome. I have done it a few times but not as much as I would want to..(sorry too much information) but still dig this post!!! <3 <3

  4. I guess I'm a pair of Homer Simpson flannel shorts and a worn softball shirt which says, "Penwasser" across it.
    Guess I don't need to pick up girls anymore.

  5. I usually wear a tank and shorts to bed. But I am far from being confident. But if that's what they think then I will not complain. Being confident is a good thing. =P

  6. Haha, this is great XD I'm the tank top and shorts kind of girl, and I got a kick out of that description. FTW XD


  7. Haha, love this personality-match! What a great post, I love it. And you know, it is so comforting to hear that most women prefer to be comfortable (i.e. tank and shorts) before being sexy (lingerie). If only more movies showed the honesty in this lol.

  8. I loved this so I know now that eroticism is definitely not part of me, can't stand the silky, lacy kind.
    Comfy and sexy is still possible, thought during those long winter nights nothing works best than the old pyjama!!

  9. I'm not very fancy nor do I dress to impress. LOL I usually wear a pair of cotton shorts and a t-shirt or tank. That's it.

    I used to wear my birthday suite until my kids I have to be more conservative...


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