Thursday, October 13, 2011

Raindrops on Roses

 ... and whiskers on kittens.

Know the song?  A timeless classic.
I am feeling totally mellow and uber touchy so I collected a couple of photographs that make me go "Aww ..." I want to share them with you in the hope that one or two of them will be your own favourite and make you smile. It's almost the weekend, I am feeling so stoked!

Kitties in a cozy huddle
warm cupcake cookies with milk
Love & Friendship CAN last a lifetime
Catching a baby's breath whilst yawning
Garden of tulips in springtime
A soft kiss
A candlelit dinner that concludes with
Breakfast in bed
Watching happy kids at play
Colours of Fall
A quiet day at a glorious white sands beach
Kissing in the rain
Watching a promise unfold at sunrise
Staring at a captivating sunset
Ice cream when you're craving for it
A puppy that needs my company
Little creatures like baby otters and
Cute and pink little bunny
Gawking at a soaring eagle AND
Harry Winston diamonds
Yeah, the last one is just keeping it real. I would have posted shoes and bags but my Blog Space is limited.
Note: Photo credits to tumblr and others.  Thank you for your inspiring shots.


  1. Can't resist puppies, children games and laughter, sunrises and sunsets and a big chocolate ice cream when winter night comes early.
    Hope you will feel better and with the week-end find peace and joy in precious shared moments.
    Take care

  2. A few of my favourite things in your collection too, so thank you for sharing :) PS Can't seem to post under my Google account so had to do so anonymously Kate W x

  3. I really loved the picture of the older couple together, and the young girl giving the young boy a kiss. I told my husband for the older one: "That'll be us one day, except you'll be wearing black t-shirt with the sleeves cut off still!"
    and for the one with the children, "And that'll be us in our next life."

    Thanks for sharing these pictures you found, they're absolutely inspiring!

    p.s. Your personal artwork is still completely amazing, and I love them. I need to post some new pictures to makes sure we're not "stealing" each other's art again ;)

    I hope you're well!

  4. I was in such a bad mood today that I was sure that not one of those pictures would make me go 'Awww.'
    How wrong was I?
    Beautiful collection of pics. Bad mood has now been averted. :)

  5. On Blogger dashboard it looks like somebody is getting ready to cook a potful of kittens. Cat stew is NOT one of my favorite things. I mean, it's OK and all, just not a favorite.

  6. omg, those cookies look UNBELIEVABLE....Will you send me some... I already have the cold milk. x

  7. Marie, yes my sweet friend, I am feeling blessed and complete. Thank you.
    Kate, no worries. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I am glad you enjoyed them as much as I did.
    Jez, I'm great my friend and yes, I probably need to work on something on my easel again. And the couple in the picture inspires to keep believing.
    Pradhan, thanks for seeing them like I did.
    Lily, Winston's diamonds made your day? lol. Glad the pictures gave you a some needed upper.
    Flip, well I would have thought you know of "Kitten Stew", lol! But you're right, they look just about ready to be poached.
    Kim, why did I know you'll spot the cookies and run away with it? ;)

  8. mmmmmmm ... happy feelings xoxo

  9. Great post and the pictures did make me go aww now i have a big smile and a happy feeling inside. Thanks ♥


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