Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVED" - A Tribute to Steve Jobs

Unwanted at birth, unfazed by life and undaunted in death. 
Steve Jobs, 1955-2011. 
I want to make a tribute post to this man, who made the "dash" between his birth and death absolutely significant by making a global difference impacting our lives in this generation.

Much has been said and attributed to 'the man' who gave the world


but if any of you failed to read up on his Commencement Speech at Stanford University, 12 June 2005, here is the link and I seriously recommend you check it out.

I am saddened by the passing of this creative genius of a man, but he has given the world more than we asked for and he has suffered enough pain, physically, we should really allow him a long vacation. His life story is inspiring to say the least. Wherever you are Mr. Jobs, I trust we will know about it digitally. "Shalom." 

Today is an iSad day.
"Stay hungry. Stay foolish." - S.Jobs, 2005


  1. What a remarkable man. Every misfortune that befell him, led him to even greater heights.
    Every bad luck he encountered, he quickly turned into a positive.

    The world needs more people like Steve Job.

  2. As I sit, writing this on my Mac computer, with three other Macs in our house, as I answer my iphone, I can't but help consider what the world has gained,and what the world has lost in Steve Jobs. He is the personification of all that he could have been - what an amazing guy.
    And I'll admit that I shed real tears at his passing.
    Thank you, as always, for this post.

  3. The world has lost a true visionary. Thanks for the link to the Stanford commencement speech!

  4. Totally bummed out. I have been in the cult of Mac, for nigh on twenty years. I, selfishly, hope that his vision stays alive at Apple.

  5. Namaste STEVE JOBS!
    Why does cancer claim so many lives? Why do we lose so many loved ones each year?
    I feel for his wife and children, having lost my sister 5 years ago; I can tell you the feeling does not go away. You just go through various emotions:
    sadness, grief, anger, happiness that someone you love is pain free and in a better place….
    Living near the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ and having a wife who is a nurse and cares for these types of cases, I come back to Why?
    We know why People died on the tragic NASA Shuttle launch, human error, poor management decisions…we analyze these tragedies and try to make systems and people better to prevent this type of loss.
    Buy why Steve?
    One of the richest innovators in the world, how can we not find medical preventive care that can change this?
    Dr Weil in Tucson, AZ has been teaching about natural health and integrative medicine for years…
    But why would a person of such power and ability/means, lose this battle….
    When my sister died, my brother (attorney) did not sue, she made a personal choice to go with traditional medical practices, and the top doctors who believe in what they do, are convinced their methods work, but how often do they really work?
    When I went on my five day fast to purify my body, my fasting coach was a former radiologist for 20+ years who told me that Chemo does not even save 50% of cancer Patients, and causes many other problems even if it does prolong life…what kind of Apple care is that?
    If Apple provided that type of service to it’s Customers then they would be extinct in the tech world, so how does medical treatment become mainstream with metrics below six sigma? Profit and lack of education and resistance to change in my opinion…
    Between the legal battles and the insurance practices, we have lost sight of true care, Apple care. We are in a world of Windows OS version one, plugging floppy disks into drives in terms of what preventive medicine is in the US.
    Just go to Netflix and watch the movies: “Forks over Knives” or the Ayurveda documentary from India to see how lost we are in the US when it comes to preventative healthcare.
    Maybe Steve was not diagnosed early enough, maybe no one was at fault, but it seems to me a big problem in the US, a problem that goes beyond money and profit, because it hits you in the heart, especially when you lose people under 60 years old.
    I meditate and pray that his wife and children can take this lose and focus on the positive things (good Karma!) that are to come, and also that they may find comfort in the fact that they will meet his soul again, and all the pain will be gone. SAT NAM
    If Apple was healthcare, then Integrative medicine and preventative medicine would be the norm. Apple blends ART and TECHNOLOGY; I hope everyone can honor Steve at Apple by embracing a new-found healthy lifestyle.
    You only have so long, and I learned five years ago that you should live each day to your fullest. Laugh, Love, work hard and cherish each day with family and true friends!

    Mark Scafaria
    Phoenix, AZ

    PS I was very angry at Apple HR that I tried many times to contact Apple to grow innovations; I realize that is the norm, coming from GE, but it hurts when you don’t look up to many people, and the one person you would love to actually share all your innovative ideas with, is now gone.
    Someone you know would have appreciated your ability and visions for technology, for the future of Apple. Sa la vie….
    At least if my hardware and software innovations are not good enough for Apple, then I can change the US for the better by getting more people to do yoga, eat better, reduce stress, and find the part of God that dwells in all of us. RIP Steve….

  6. Wow...PB, thank you so much for sharing this with us, I read the speech and it was very moving. I can't believe he got fired from the company he started - that is crazy, but turns out it worked for him. And I also had no clue that the same CEO of Apple also started Pixar - once again, crazy.

    Thank you for posting this tribute. Very sad to lose someone, but hopefully he is in a peaceful place now.

  7. it has been a sad passing for so many people. it's heartbreaking ... apple will never be the same.

  8. It's not only a loss for Apple but also for the world - The speech you are referring to says it all and his words will come back in people's mind when the time to live their dreams will be on balance with more earthy issues.
    Thanks PB for this lovely post.


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